Increase of traffic / changes in internet use


On October 20th 2014 the download and upload capacity has been increased. In all dormitories you can now use 10 GB within a week’s time (7 days).

In order to calculate your traffic limit your incoming and outbound data transfer is taken into account. Traffic within the university network does not affect your contingent. You can see your actual traffic under

In the course of this we activate the firewall of the Leibniz Universität IT Services. By doing so we improve safety, an external access to your computer is no longer possible. This adjustment is already set for all students, who are using the university network.

Additionally, the insecure port 25 for outgoing e-mails is blocked due to e-mail attacks through this port in the past. Alternatively you are asked to encrypt your e-mail communication. Below you find a description how to adjust your client:

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